About us

Here I will discuss three things; firstly About myself, secondly why I have created this blog, and lastly I will tell you about my vision for this blog. So you will get a clear understanding of my intention related to this blogging site.

On 3 September 2018 when I joined my first organization as an Engineer, I got to do lots of work regarding documentation of various software-related issues. From there, I started building documents from scratch in plain and readable format so that it could be easily understandable to everyone who is a novice. People started appraising my way of writing comprehensive content in an easy, readable, and creative format. Since then I have had a zeal for writing content for technology and informative niches, so I have helped others. 

Now I have started thinking about building my blog brand from scratch and presenting you my site “ISB Tech“. Let’s start!

About Me: